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Grief does funny things to us. There is no set time to process a loss. It certainly is NOT the 3 days most companies give us for bereavement leave.  Grief  makes it hard to concentrate at work. Grief can make you more emotional, even crabby. Grief can make you forgetful. Grief even drives some of us a little bit crazy.   If you are stuck in grief after two or more years and really struggling to get back to your "happy place" or just to function at work, I can help.


As a certified Christian Grief to Joy Coach and certified Christian Life Coach, we can work together to develop goals for you that will move you in the right direction. My 30 plus years in Human Resources  also helps. Together, we can get your work life and personal life back on track. I use an array of communication and problem solving skills to provide coaching services that give you the tools for success.


We will work together one-on-one to help you develop an action plan for working through the grief cycle, honoring your loved one and getting back on track to a joyful life.  Your loved one would not want you miserable. Life is meant to be lived fully and joyfully. 

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As a Certified Celebrant for Funerals, working with me as your Celebrant will be as easy as it can possibly be. YOU will be my focus. Making sure YOUR specific needs are met will be my goal. If you want something religious, that can be done. I am a life-long Christian and certainly can meet these needs. However, if you wish no mention of God, so be it. If you want a mini-rock concert, that can be designed. Blues? Yes. Country? Yes.  If your love poetry, I have resources!


I will lead you through the process and bring ideas for you to think about, review and give a thumbs up or down. I will listen, ask questions, listen and ask and listen some more. I write what you tell me and if time is available at all, you will have the opportunity to review and edit what is said so that it is as close to perfect as possible. If there are friends, co-workers or other relatives you want me to chat with, she will reach out to them to round out the eulogy. 


If you want to have a memory gift for those attending, we can decide  what would be appropriate and cost conscious. For example, providing wildflower seed packets might be the perfect memory for someone who adores flowers, an oversized puzzle piece spray-painted silver might be great for a avid puzzler, or candy hits the mark for the grandfather who always made sure every holiday was candy-filled for his grandchildren.


It's powerful to weave the stories into a life story that brings the person to life, brings smiles, tears and laughter to the service. People leave saying it was the best celebration of life service they have been to – ever.

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Cynthia is also an author. She wrote A Caregiver’s Companion: Spiritual Support for the Stressed Out Soul chosen as 2017’s Best Book on Caregiving by Focus on Women and was a blogger on Caregiving.  Cynthia was a major caregiver for her maternal grandmother, an aunt, her parents, and two husbands who both ultimately succumbed to colon cancer.


The book focuses on stress management tips you can use anytime but that are especially helpful when you are providing care to others. It has a strong Christian focus to it with numerous applicable Bible quotes. It is done workbook-style so you can be thoughtful as you go through the book and develop action plans that will help you be less stressed and more effective as a caregiver.

Please contact Cynthia at if you would like a copy of the book.



Thank you for the service you conducted for Chris. Our family is truly appreciative of the consolation you gave to us during this tragic time and the very meaningful service. 

Sylvia B.

I value all the anti-anxiety tips. Covid had made my anxiety levels reach heights that made work unworkable. After our sessions I was able to take control of my work life and get back to working with my teammates in positive, collaborative ways again.

Scott S.

 I have to say the service today was amazing. Your use of the moment of silence to gather our thoughts was brilliant. The Melinda Moment’s to review her life accomplishments was so touching. You just had everyone mesmerized. This was the best celebration of life I have ever attended. Thank you for making her come alive for everyone.

Helen C.

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